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Simple and fast solution

A form may be ready in only 1 hour

Immediate reaction to business claims, marketing requests can be fast and efficiently satisfied

Webforms parameters can be set simply on the administration surface of the portal


More than a webform

Webform content is supported to save into database

Webform content can be send by e-mail using a template

Several built-in validators, unique validators can be created easily


100% Responsive

Usability and ergonomics on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones)


Fit to design

Webform design can be fitted easily and nicely to existing webdesign


Cost effective

Investment can return quickly

Lite and full versions fit to budget

Annual licence fee (full version), which contains Liferay version upgrade, security path and bugfixes



Step 1

Create complex form structures in minutes. Just drag and drop the desired input field into your form.

Many input types with convenient built in features are supported.

Step 2

Validate your input fields with one click. Code will be generated automatically.

Choose from various validation and restriction types.


Step 3

Sorry to disappoint you, but no more steps left!

Enjoy your flexible fully validated form, ready to be customized.


249 €

Flex Forms Basic

  • reuse the same data model for different forms
  • seamlessly integrate your form with your theme/design
  • use Liferay’s built-in form validators or define your own ones
  • save your data to a Dynamic Data List or in a custom database table
  • send your data in e-mails (addresses can be select from form fields)
  • updates and support

199 €

Action Pack

  • use Google reCaptcha
  • transform you form data and send it to any REST service
  • use the value of any form field as a condition for checkers or post actions
  • subscribe email addresses to a Mailchimp list
  • register a new Liferay user based on form data
  • validate a form submit using an external url with parameters replaced by form fields
  • waitlist solution using Dynamic Data Lists with reject bejavior and cancellation handling

399 €

Flex Forms Full

  • all the functionality of Flex Forms Basic
  • all the functionality of the Action Pack

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